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Training with Mimic will help you
Sell more cars

Browse over 4,000 vehicles from
 44 manufacturers, get inspired with podcasts from industry leaders, and watch training videos to help close more deals!

Product Knowledge

AI-driven flashcards and audio files prime you for the best vehicle walkaround of your career.

Job Knowledge

Master the art of closing, communication, and selling with exclusive video training.


Get pumped up with podcasts featuring successful automotive industry leaders.

What You'll Get with Mimic
Jumpstart your walkaround

✔️ Extensive Trim Level Specific Vehicle Library
✔️  Quick Audio Tips for Walkaround on Vehicle
✔️  AI-Driven Vehicle Feature Flash Cards
✔️  Send Vehicle Info to Customer

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Get daily motvation

Get access to "Ride with Mimic", the auto industry's best motivational podcast.

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Videos from automotives best sales trainers
Strengthen your sales skills

Training never stops. Grow yourself and your sales team's knowledge with on-demand training videos and increase sales volume and effectiveness!